Around the World in 80 Days, Day 61: Peru – “The Strangest, Saddest City Thou Can’st See”

  Herman Melville, a travel writer of sorts, was not impressed with Lima.  In his classic Moby Dick, Melville says of the city: “Nor is it, altogether, the remembrance of her cathedral-toppling earthquakes; nor the stampedoes of her frantic seas: nor the tearlessness of arid skies that never rain; nor the sight of her wide … Read more

Around the World in 80 Days, Day 39: Russia, Part 3 – Socialism, the Opiate of Godless People

This year, this month actually, is the anniversary of the Russian Revolution.  The Russian government is trying to capitalize on the fact by marketing tours of the country to the old communist guard who still revere the likes of Lenin and Stalin.  Zachary and I had included Russia on our Around the World in 80 … Read more

Around the World in 80 Days, Day 37: Russia, Part 1 – The Mother of All Socialist Countries

“It was no use assuming that Russian plans worked out well for Russians:  they did nothing of the kind; Russians made failures of everything and reveled in failure.” —Bernard Pares, My Russian Memoirs Speaking of his 1839 trip to Russia, the Marquis de Custine wrote: “Whenever you are unhappy, go to Russia.  Anyone who has come … Read more

Around the World in 80 Days, Day 35: Mother Russia

It’s #ATW80 Day 35, and Larry and Zachary find themselves in the shadows of the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia – certainly a dramatic change of scenery from their previous stop in Delhi, India. It’s a country Larry has been in many times before (his first visit just after the collapse of the Soviet Union), but … Read more

David Horowitz

If Paul was a “Hebrew of Hebrews,” David Horowitz was a Lefty of Lefties

In the early days of NFL films, legendary Green Bay Packers’ coach Vince Lombardi stood on the sidelines with a look of frustration and bewilderment as he watched his team’s blundering play. In a moment that was more reflective of his mood than his greatness as a coach, the mic’d-up Lombardi famously shouted, “What the … Read more

David Horowitz

One of the Greatest Conservative Minds of Our Time Visits Birmingham

Socialist Radical to Culture Warrior: the Improbable Life of David Horowitz David Horowitz was born to Phil and Blanche Horowitz in New York City in 1939.  His parents were dedicated members of the American Communist Party and strong supporters of Joseph Stalin.  Dedicated.  Yes, while other American families watched The Lone Ranger or The Adventures … Read more