Wilted Flower

The Corruption of Unbelief

What would the world look like without Christianity?  Fixed Point’s own Larry Taunton joins Dan Merchant on “Live from Seattle” to discuss his upcoming book, The Grace Effect.  Recounting his own personal story of traveling to Ukraine to adopt ten-year-old Sasha, Taunton weaves a compelling narrative that demonstrates the culturally enriching power of Christianity. Duration: … Read more

The Source of Hope

October 19, 2010. The theater marquee read “God or No God? A Debate – Christopher Hitchens vs. Larry Taunton.” It was reminiscent of similar advertisements for heavyweight fights. This had been a long time coming. Atheist Christopher Hitchens and I had debated one another many times: Birmingham, Alabama; Edinburgh, Scotland; St. Louis, Missouri; and even on … Read more