Around the World in 80 Days, Day 54: Argentina – Like Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown

In early 1944, Heinrich Himmler, head of the Nazi SS, sent agents to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Their task was to establish an escape route for Nazis should Germany lose the war.  When that outcome became a reality in May 1945, Nazis flowed into Argentina (and throughout South America) where they were welcomed by the government … Read more

Reading the news

Questions & Answers: Politics and Fake News

This question comes from someone in the UK. It is in response to my article “Leftist Anarchy, not Trumpian Fascism, is the Real Threat to Democracy” recently published in The American Spectator. I’m guessing this reader forwarded the article to a friend and received an unhappy reply. He then sent that reply to me.  Dear Mr. Taunton, … Read more

Trump rally

The Uprising of the Scorned

I am currently in Southern California for a speaking engagement.  Sitting in my hotel room watching Alabama steamroll Mississippi State at 9:30 this morning (Pacific Time makes for early kickoffs), I got a little bored and read this superb article by Melanie Phillips.  Melanie is, in my opinion, a rock star columnist.  She gets it.  She … Read more

I Voted

Man Cannot Live by Voting Alone (The American Spectator)

On election day The American Spectator published this column.  It is a follow-up to a piece I published with them last week.  In both I essentially argue this: The American church is a sleeping giant, and its strategy for cultural transformation must include more than voting. This is not an anti-voting message.  I am in favor … Read more

US Seal

The American People Have Spoken. What Did They Say?

It’s almost 2 a.m. on election night and Donald Trump has won the Presidency of the United States.  The message from the American people seems clear: They do not like being bullied by media, Hollywood, and Washington elites. Moreover, this historic victory was a resounding rejection of an administration that has governed arrogantly; that has sought … Read more

Building with Flag

Trump? Hillary? Third Party? How Should a Christian Vote?

Yesterday I published this article in The American Spectator.  Studies suggest that people only read headlines or a paragraph or two, but not whole articles, and, well, I believe those studies are on to something.  My book earlier this year is a startling example of this phenomenon.  But my column in The American Spectator confirmed that fact. … Read more

Donald Trump and the Great Evangelical Compromise (The American Spectator)

This, my latest column, is out this morning in The American Spectator. Although it is not a full exposition of my thoughts on the whole “evangelicals for Trump” phenomenon, it is getting closer. Voting for Trump is one thing. Seeing him as the source of our hope, as many evangelicals do, is something else altogether. Is … Read more