Around the World in 80 Days, Day 23: Responding to a Critic

As the Around the World in 80 Days train rolls along, it is inevitable that we will attract more than a few critics as we go.  One comes from a Singaporean woman I will call Marie.  She is articulate, educated, and a Christian.  As a (rightly) proud Singaporean, Marie reacted strongly, negatively, to my article … Read more

Reading the news

Questions & Answers: Politics and Fake News

This question comes from someone in the UK. It is in response to my article “Leftist Anarchy, not Trumpian Fascism, is the Real Threat to Democracy” recently published in The American Spectator. I’m guessing this reader forwarded the article to a friend and received an unhappy reply. He then sent that reply to me.  Dear Mr. Taunton, … Read more

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Questions & Answers: The Next Generation of Atheists

I received this letter from a reader of my article “Ye of Brittle Faith” in this month’s issue of First Things: Letter to Larry Alex Taunton regarding “Ye of Brittle Faith” I read with interest the article by Larry Alex Taunton entitled “Ye of Brittle Faith” (February). Although I am a follower of Jesus Christ I … Read more