John Lennox

“A nation that loses its soul is in danger of losing its future”

Last night’s event “Saving America’s Future” was spectacular.  More than 800 people came out on this beautiful autumn evening in the South to hear Oxford University Professor John Lennox.  Lennox addressed the heavy topic now on every American’s mind:  the future in a time of social, political, and economic uncertainty. The place was packed.  There … Read more

Aljazeera debate

Al Jazeera Debate Clip: Taunton vs. Dennett vs. Shakir

Does religion do more harm than good? Larry Taunton represented the Christian view in a fascinating round-table debate against atheist Dan Dennett and Muslim Imam Zaid Shakir on Al Jazeera for the launch of Third Rail, a new current affairs program hosted by Imran Garda. Al Jazeera’s global reach is 260 million. Unfortunately, the network … Read more