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“Bendable Jesus”

A friend saw this product over the weekend.  It’s a “Bendable, Poseable Jesus of Nazareth” toy.  What a fitting metaphor.  My friend had this to say of it: “Perfect for millennials. They can bend him to conform to whatever they like.”  Amusing, and, well, kinda true.  But I will defend millennials on this point.  People … Read more


I have a list of things I don’t like about America. Should I take a knee, too?

This article was originally published by Fox News. San Francisco Forty-Niners’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision to kneel during the national anthem has been discussed ad nauseam. Yes, I’m tired of it, too. But as of Sunday there is a new angle to this still developing story. Sunday marked the first full day of the NFL … Read more

John Lennox

The C.S. Lewis of Our Time Comes to Birmingham

Back in 2006, I went to Oxford University with the intention of convincing an Oxford scientist and Christian theologian to come to Birmingham, Alabama to participate in a debate on Intelligent Design at Samford University. Upon hearing him speak, I was, to say the least, a bit disappointed. Planning to go back to Alabama empty-handed, … Read more


Hiding Places: Secrets the Walls Tell

You’ve heard the saying, “If walls could talk.” It is a sentence fragment, an incomplete thought, a fill-in-the-blank. Perhaps it should be written like this—“If walls could talk…?”—since it is an implied question. Traveling extensively in some of Europe’s ancient cities, this unspoken question—what would they, i.e., the walls, say?—has come to mind many times. … Read more