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Hiding Places: Secrets the Walls Tell

You’ve heard the saying, “If walls could talk.” It is a sentence fragment, an incomplete thought, a fill-in-the-blank. Perhaps it should be written like this—“If walls could talk…?”—since it is an implied question. Traveling extensively in some of Europe’s ancient cities, this unspoken question—what would they, i.e., the walls, say?—has come to mind many times. … Read more


Finishing The Fixed Point Institute’s Second Year

*Sigh*  Summer is coming to an end and The Fixed Point Institute for Applied Apologetics (FPI) along with it.  In its second year, the FPI seeks to help students integrate their faith with other aspects of their lives.  To this end, students are trained to see the world through a Christian lens.  They are taught … Read more


The Times: “Holy War Over the Gospel According to Hitchens”

My latest book, The Faith of Christopher Hitchens, has generated yet another article.  This one appeared in The Times (of London) and is written by Melanie Phillips. It is a strong defense of the book – she actually read it – and underscores several fallacies perpetuated by critics of it. Read the article here. You … Read more


A Tale of Two Interviews: Those Who Read and Those Who Don’t

It seems that our director’s humble little book, The Faith of Christopher Hitchens, has completely unhinged the self-anointed representatives of reason and rationality. The atheist mafia, so threatened by Larry’s friendship with Christopher Hitchens, seems hell-bent on mischaracterizing a book they haven’t read and, worse, refuse to read while nonetheless speaking authoritatively about it. Meanwhile, … Read more

David Horowitz

David Horowitz Weighs-In on “The Faith of Christopher Hitchens” Controversy

Following Saturday’s New York Times article on my book, The Faith of Christopher Hitchens: the Restless Soul of the World’s Most Notorious Atheist, a strong defense of the book has been offered from an unlikely source: eminent author and thinker David Horowitz. Horowitz, a self-described “agnostic and former radical,” knew Christopher Hitchens for almost fifty years. In … Read more


The New York Times on The Faith of Christopher Hitchens

My latest book, The Faith of Christopher Hitchens: The Restless Soul of the World’s Most Notorious Atheist, has (unintentionally) been the focus of some controversy. On the one hand, I am flattered to say that the book has received very high praise from Christianity Today’s Books & Culture; Ravi Zacharias; John Piper’s Desiring God; Oxford … Read more