Taylor Robinson

Truth and the Power of Storytelling with Taylor Robinson

Is storytelling a lost art? What makes a great story? Larry Taunton sits down with writer, filmmaker, and self-professed storytelling geek Taylor Robinson to discuss his fascination with the power of story. Taylor not only directed our 2011 Super Bowl commercial, but also heads up Six Foot Five Productions and Arc Stories, a live storytelling … Read more

Sufjan Stevens

"No Such Thing as Christian Music"

David Roark’s recent profile of eclectic singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens in The Atlantic opens up an interesting discussion about faith and art: what is “Christian music,” anyway, and where did the label come from?  Stevens, both a Christian and musician, believes there’s no such thing. “Christian music (as a genre) exists exclusively within the few insulated … Read more


Why are Christian Movies So Bad?

Over at liberal-leaning Vox, Brandon Ambrosino offers a surprisingly insightful take on a common question: “Why are Christian movies so painfully bad?”  As a test case, he takes a look at the “Christian response” to Fifty Shades of Grey: the movie Old Fashioned, noting the artistic limitations of a subculture mentality.  (You may recall Christian … Read more

Sunset Ocean

Seeing the Ocean

Amidst a host of negative news stories from 2014, we thought we’d highlight an inspiring story from last year that moved us: at Gulf Shores in Alabama, a 100-year-old woman named Ruby got to see the ocean for the first time. The very first time. Sometimes we can get so accustomed to world being a … Read more