George Bailey

My column on CNN: “When Bedford Falls Becomes Pottersville”

Five years ago this Christmas I was looking for an opportunity to respond to critics of the Christian faith who, in Scrooge-like fashion, said that Christianity was a relic of the past and needed to be driven from public life. I wanted to write an article for a secular publication that made an opposite argument. … Read more

It's A Wonderful Life

My Favorite Christmas Movies

I love Christmas.  More specifically, I love the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.  I love the traditions of Christmas: the parties with family and friends; the trees and lights; the carols; the cheery, excited children getting out of school for the holidays; Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin; and all of the … Read more

Larry Taunton in Alby Cathedral

Finishing The Fixed Point Institute’s Second Year

*Sigh*  Summer is coming to an end and The Fixed Point Institute for Applied Apologetics (FPI) along with it.  In its second year, the FPI seeks to help students integrate their faith with other aspects of their lives.  To this end, students are trained to see the world through a Christian lens.  They are taught … Read more

Heaven and clouds

"Heaven" …For a Secular Audience

What does “heaven” mean to the secular? In The Atlantic, Emma Green considers the question by looking at the new film 90 Minutes of Heaven. The film, she observes, depicts a heaven “palatable to a secular audience.” As you might imagine, this has its problems: The heaven of 90 Minutes is not secular in the sense that it’s totally unconnected from God … Read more