Hillary Clinton

Nebuchadnezzar, Hillary Clinton and the National Prayer Breakfast

Note: I wrote this in 2010 after I attended the National Prayer Breakfast at the Hilton in Washington D.C. With Hillary Clinton the likely nominee on the democrat ticket, it seemed worthy of a reprint here on this blog. I have been rereading the Old Testament Book of Daniel. Daniel was a prophet taken into … Read more

No, Praying Isn't "Doing Nothing"

In the wake of another tragic shooting – this time in San Bernardino, California – the internet is abuzz with talk we’ve all grown numbly accustomed to: gun control, terrorism, information about the shooters and the victims, etc. Not surprisingly, many are expressing their concerns and offering up their prayers. But there is something new … Read more

Charleston Shooting

Charleston and the Power of Forgiveness

During Charleston shooter Dylan Roof’s bond hearing, none had reason for outrage as much as the families torn apart from Roof’s murderous actions at Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Yet, instead of expressing outrage when they addressed him, they did the unthinkable. They forgave him. They extended grace and mercy. The New York Times put … Read more