Twitter marker drawing

Rumors, Internet Trolls, and Twitter Nonsense

My new book, The Faith of Christopher of Christopher Hitchens, has been out for one week and it has created quite a stir. As readers of this blog will know, it has received glowing reviews from writer/speaker Ravi Zacharias; NYT bestselling author Eric Metaxas; MSNBC’s Hardball host Chris Matthews; Oxford University Professor John Lennox; NYT bestselling author … Read more

No, Praying Isn't "Doing Nothing"

In the wake of another tragic shooting – this time in San Bernardino, California – the internet is abuzz with talk we’ve all grown numbly accustomed to: gun control, terrorism, information about the shooters and the victims, etc. Not surprisingly, many are expressing their concerns and offering up their prayers. But there is something new … Read more


Hashtag Heroics and the Short Life of Online Empathy

If our society progresses rapidly from one trend to another, online trends have an even shorter shelf-life. In The Washington Post, Caitlin Dewey makes the point in perhaps its most convicting form: online empathy just doesn’t last. Pointing at the Paris attacks, she considers the metrics for how briefly social media platforms actually focused on … Read more

Baseball Field

Victim Culture Is Wrecking Baseball

You don’t have to be a cultural commentator to see how political correctness is infecting our society. Jerry Seinfeld says it’s ruining comedy, Jonah Goldberg thinks that victimhood has become an actual virtue in our society, and now even baseball bows to political correctness. It’s apparent that R. J. Moeller is pretty worked up over it, … Read more

I'm a Christian, but I'm not...

I'm a Christian, But I'm Not a BuzzFeed Christian

As Fixed Point’s executive director Larry Taunton says, “Christian apologetics doesn’t mean you go around apologizing for everything.” But if that was the definition of apologetics, BuzzFeed’s viral “I’m a Christian, But I’m Not…” video would be a model for apologists everywhere. They clearly missed the memo. BuzzFeed “Christians” would like to be Christians but … Read more