A new feature, we offer you insights on things we are reading, be it old or new, obscure or bestselling, for fun or for insight. Whatever it is, we tell you a bit about it here. We start with just a few:

All the Money in the World, by John Pearson

In the autumn of 2017, a film by this name starring Christopher Plummer, Michelle Williams, and Mark Wahlberg was released. The book is much better. It is the story of John Paul Getty, at one time, the wealthiest man in the world. Where the movie is only about the kidnapping of his grandson, John Paul Getty III in Rome in 1973, the book is about Getty’s miserable, miserly life. But the book also contains an element of redemption for his children. Pearson’s book is well-written and entertaining.

It’s All About Him, Denise Jackson

This is the story of Denise Jackson and her marriage to country music superstar, Alan Jackson. High school sweethearts from small town Georgia, the couple has experienced it all: a deep love and history together, early financial struggles, the pinnacle of success, and (his) infidelity that nearly destroyed their marriage. Denise Jackson tells how their love for each other and their faith in the Lord restored them to something better than before. Her love for her husband, for her God, and her strength will inspire you.

The Forgotten 500, Gregory A. Freeman

This book tells the long-ignored story of the rescue of some 500 downed American airmen in Yugoslavia in 1944 and the people who hid them, fed them, and helped them often at the expense of their own lives.

Get Out of that Pit: Straight Talk about God’s Deliverance, Beth Moore

We picked this one up in a discard pile at an antique store. Whatever your opinion of Beth Moore, this is a solid book. Although she is not explicit in providing unnecessary details about the brokenness of her own past, Moore is open in acknowledging it. Much is implied, and this is part of what makes her very successful: she is accessible. More endearing, she does not blame others, name them, or make it a badge of honor. She uses it to discuss the thesis of her book: God’s redeeming power in our “pits,” whether you were thrown into a pit, slipped into a pit, or jumped into a pit.

Rogue Heroes, Ben Macintyre

Part of a research project for Larry, this book is (he says) a rip-roaring good time. It is the true story of the founding of the British Special Air Service (SAS) and their role in defeating Nazi Germany in WWII. The book is full of high adventure and the good guys win. He is certain readers—men especially—will enjoy Macintyre’s tale.

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