Remember when Hank Williams, Jr. was canned by Monday Night Football for comparing then President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler? These days, Democrats and their allies on the Left regularly make exactly the same Hitlerian comparison with President Donald Trump.

Indeed, on Sunday, CNN’s pompous news anchor Don Lemon did it. Lemon is hardly the first person on the Left to do this, he is just the latest. But as a journalist who is supposed to project some level of objectivity, making such comparisons are at best — I shall endeavor to be kind here — naive, and at worst, a gross display of extraordinary historical ignorance. Hitler was a genocidal maniac who systematically murdered no less than 6.5 million people. And that historical fact brings to mind a comparison with Nazi Germany that has a great deal of merit:

Since 1973, approximately 61 million abortions have been performed in the United States. That’s 61 + six zeroes. People. Children. Exterminated Nazi-style.

As Democrats embrace an increasingly radical abortion policy that inches toward infanticide, we would do well to reflect on the dangerous historical example of Hitler’s Germany — but not for the reasons Democrats like to make such references.

To pre-empt some reader who, missing my point, decides to fire-off an email telling me that the Nazis outlawed abortion and burned the books of Margaret Sanger (i.e., the founder of Planned Parenthood), let me say that these policies had nothing whatsoever to do with sanctity of life. Nazi ideology shared Sanger’s Darwinian view that man was merely a cosmic accident, and they also shared her theories on eugenics. Yes, abortion was outlawed, but only for Aryan women, and that is because they thought them the master race and because they needed boys to defend Germany’s ever-expanding borders.

No, the Democratic Party has a great deal in common with Hitler insofar as they have a similarly contemptuous view of human life.

As an aside, some of my readers have asked me why I have, on occasion, defended Trump. This is why. As a Christian, I am appalled by the annihilation of the unborn, and Trump, whatever his personal feelings, has taken an aggressive anti-abortion posture.


The judges at the Bull Evaluation Center say “Bull!” to the Trump – Hitler comparisons.

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