A German woman decided she needed a new car. Unfortunately, she didn’t have any money to buy one. “Kein problem,” she thought. She simply went to her ink jet printer and made 15,000€ worth of copies of an actual 50€ Euro note. Thus armed, she went to the local dealership and tried to pay cash with these forgeries. The sales team did not need to be counterfeit experts to spot these. They called the police and the woman was arrested.

One must admire the outrageous nature of her crime. Was she drunk? Was she hoping the salesmen were drunk? We are not told what kind of car she was trying to purchase, but it couldn’t have been especially nice. I mean, if you’re going to print money, why not go big and buy a Mercedes or BMW, the pride of Germany?

As she was led away, she was heard to mutter, “Scheisse.”

The judges at the Bull Evaluation Center give her a thumbs-up for having a criminal mind that succeeded in giving us a good laugh if nothing else.

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