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Is the God of the Old Testament a “genocidal” maniac as atheist provocateur Richard Dawkins has alleged? Many think so. The fact is, many Christians don’t know what to make of the God of the O.T. The Great Flood, the killing of the Egyptian firstborn, the fate of Sodom & Gomorrah—it all seems very confusing and inconsistent with the idea that “God is Love.”

Larry Alex Taunton is the Executive Director of the Fixed Point Foundation and a freelance columnist contributing to USA Today, Fox News, First Things, The Atlantic, CNN, Daily Caller, and The American Spectator. He is also the author of The Grace Effect, The Gospel Coalition Book of the Year The Faith of Christopher Hitchens, and the soon-to-be-released Around the World in (More Than) 80 Days. (Available for pre-order now) You can subscribe to his blog at larryalextaunton.com and find him on Twitter @larrytaunton.

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