Our next Latimer House Luncheon will be Thursday, May 19th from 11:30-12:30 at Metro Church of God in Birmingham. It will feature Fixed Point Foundation executive director Larry Alex Taunton.

The topic: Karl Marx and Jesus Christ.

In this presentation, Larry will discuss the ways Marxist ideas have penetrated the American church and how that ideology is corrosive to Christian belief.

Join us! You can register here.

NOTE: It is now open to both men and women.

Larry Alex Taunton is an author, cultural commentator, and freelance columnist contributing to USA TODAYFox NewsFirst ThingsThe AtlanticCNN, and The American Spectator.  In addition to being a frequent radio and television guest, he is also the author of The Grace  Effect and The Gospel Coalition Arts and Culture Book of the Year, The Faith of Christopher Hitchens. You can subscribe to his blog at larryalextaunton.com.

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