DEBATING GOD: The Untold Story Behind the Richard Dawkins – John Lennox Debates Part 2: John Lennox

I have always said that the backstory to the debates between Richard Dawkins and John Lennox, four in all, is at least as interesting as the debates themselves, if not more so. For every minute that they spent with each other on stage – Richard certainly would not tolerate John’s company anywhere else – I spent many more with each of them off stage…

“It is better to die accursed by the world and in Christ, than the hero of the world and accursed by Christ”: A Follow-up to My Column on Joshua Harris and His Renunciation of His Faith in Jesus Christ

On Saturday we posted an article on (formerly) Christian writer and pastor Joshua Harris who announced, via Instagram of all things, that he has renounced his faith in Jesus Christ. That article generated an enormous response – all positive – and raised a few more questions that I would like