One parent and child

Divorce and the Irreligious Child

A new study has found that there is a link between divorce and the religious choices children make.  According to the Public Religion Research Institute, children of divorced parents were “significantly more likely” to become irreligious adults. This research reflects the findings of our own study.  We spent roughly a year interviewing college age atheists. … Read more

Baby hand

Interesting Review and Triplets

This past week our office was buzzing with the activity generated by the release of my new book The Faith of Christopher Hitchens. Television, radio, and newspaper interviews filled the schedule. Of the many reviews of the book published this week, perhaps the most interesting one was that of Douglas Wilson in Christianity Today’s “Books & Culture.” Wilson, … Read more


A Skeptic Admits That Kids Need Spirituality

In New York Magazine, Lisa Miller admits that, even for the most complacent unbeliever (when “anything that smells like religion makes you squirm”), having kids changes things: This spiritual apathy nags at you… And a tiny voice inside you insists on wondering whether you shouldn’t be teaching your kids something about the importance of holiness. … Read more

Changed Priorities Ahead

Family Not a Priority for Millennials

Marriage and family have been the bedrock of civilization for…ever? But new data from Pew Forum suggests, disturbingly, that the Millennial generation isn’t sold the importance of these institutions. Could this be the true effect of the rise of same-sex marriage (and no-fault divorce)? The recession of the entire institution? Image Credit: Peter Reed