Around the World in 80 Days, Day 19: OCD? Tired of Democracy? Singapore is for You!

Amazing.  Utterly amazing.  Hyper-modern, hyper-clean, and hyper-rich, Singapore is the supermodel of countries.  So much so, that America, by comparison, looks like the frumpy, corpulent spinster who is past her prime but doesn’t yet know it.  Keeping with the metaphor, one Singaporean writer has compared this city-state to a date with a beautiful woman who … Read more

George Bailey

My column on CNN: “When Bedford Falls Becomes Pottersville”

Five years ago this Christmas I was looking for an opportunity to respond to critics of the Christian faith who, in Scrooge-like fashion, said that Christianity was a relic of the past and needed to be driven from public life. I wanted to write an article for a secular publication that made an opposite argument. … Read more

When Beford Falls Becomes Pottersville

This column was originally published in the CNN Belief Blog. My favorite Christmas movie is, unquestionably, Frank Capra’s 1946 feel-good flick “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed play George and Mary Bailey, a happy couple living a life of genteel poverty in the small American town of Bedford Falls. George is a kind … Read more

Passing the Plate (Part 5)

My final entry on the subject of Christian giving and fundraising… Over the past few weeks we have considered the contentious issue of Christian giving and fundraising.  That it is so contentious is a sad commentary on our biblical preaching and teaching on the matter.  In this, my final blog on the subject, I would like … Read more

Passing the Plate (Part 4)

My fourth entry on the subject of Christian giving and fundraising… Committed to Scripture? As Evangelicals we are proud of our commitment to Scripture. We speak of it often.  We sing hymns proclaiming it.  Many a sermon has been preached on it.  And we are quick to note that it is the thing that separates us … Read more

Passing the Plate (Part 3)

My third entry on the subject of Christian giving and fundraising… In my previous blog we considered the first of two practices that seem to dominate organizational thinking when it comes to Christian fundraising.  Here we consider the second: the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” approach. According to this school of thought, a church or ministry says … Read more